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There’s a specialist for every genre.

 From legal content to arts and sciences research,
and from web content to fiction, I can help you perfect your words.
I can also help authors for whom English is a second language.

Even the strongest work can benefit from a professional eye.

All content can benefit from a professional edit. It might just need a light polish or it might need reorganization. Here are some brief descriptions of the levels of edit that are commonly performed. For a more detailed list of the kind of services I provide, see my blog entry on this subject.

Developmental editing

This work is at the manuscript level. It involves editing a document, book, scientific paper, or dissertation for structure, organization, and planning. Sometimes there is a lot of good writing but it makes the main ideas harder to identify. Sometimes the pacing needs to be changed. Or a major character or critical ideas surface too late in the manuscript. The developmental editor makes suggestions to the author about how to improve the work.


This involves inspecting a document for spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and mechanics. Other things I check for include the following: Is the document written formally in parts and more colloquially in other parts? Do the footnotes or endnotes numbers appear in the right place in the right order in the right sequence? Are the illustrations labelled properly? Do you spell a word one way in portions of the manuscript and a different way in others? Is your bibliography complete? Is the document clearly worded? Other possible services under this category:
• Reorder sentences within a paragraph where necessary to ensure that the paragraph has a clear and coherent focus.
• Adjust the length and structure of paragraphs to ensure variety or consistency, as appropriate to the audience and medium.
• Ensure that transitions between sentences and between paragraphs are smooth and support the coherent development of the text as a whole.
• Only where necessary, rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and passages to resolve ambiguities, ensure logical connections, and clarify the author’s meaning or intention, in harmony with the style of the material. (Does not include research or writing original material.)
• Render jargon into plain language while leaving terms of art intact.
• Eliminate wordiness.
• Ensure that manuscript and references conforms to the appropriate style manual.
• Make sure that text boxes and tables are clear and coherent and that captions fairly describe them.
• Make sure that multiplication symbols are multiplication symbols and not x’s, and similar.
• Make sure that text boxes and tables add to the clarity and coherence of the manuscript.
• Ensure that headings, tables, and footnotes are clearly and sequentially numbered.


I do not specialize in proofreading, but I can refer you to editors who do. Proofreading is the last stage of editing. It involves a final check on a manuscript after it has been formatted for publication. It is a check for things like misspellings, pages with only one word on it, punctuation problems, or inaccurate pagination.

Busy professionals need professional writers.

Blogs and web content

Potential customers often decide whether to hire you based on your website. They read your blog to get to know you. As a professional, I can take care of that essential feature of your business.


Let a professional writer update your clients about new developments in your business.

You may need other writing services.


You have a story to tell, and you need the help of a professional to help make it happen.

Fact checking

How realistic is that fight scene? Can you get DNA off of the piece of evidence your main character finds? You’ve written your story, but you need a skilled, professional researcher to help with your facts.

If you still have questions:

The Editors’ Association of Canada (which, despite its name, is an international organization), has published a manual of editorial standards that describes the levels of editing in detail. Click here: http://www.editors.ca/files/public/PES-2009-FINAL.pdf

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