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Dental Cleaning at the Galactic Rim

I had a conversation recently with an author about realism and genre. Their book was a police procedural, so there was a murder and detectives and even a search warrant, but it also took place on another planet. The author wanted to know why they should care about... read more

True Facts about the Space Tarsier

Do you want people in the criminal justice system to read your book or throw it across the room with great force?[1] Maybe your book has criminal justice stuff in it and you know that the stuff in it is fake but you keep it that way because you think the “story”... read more

@Altgov Resistance Accounts

I’ve taken a look at some of these altgov Twitter accounts to give a brief review of what they’re doing. The courageous men and women running these accounts are engaging in unprecedented level of bipartisan resistance by transmitting information to the... read more

Watch Your Language

Given the social upheaval ahead, we women shouldn’t be afraid to use the strongest language that we possibly can, even if that language has been traditionally denied to women. Because in the right settings, strong language is credible language.

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Make it Plain

No one wants to read anything that looks like the terms of use for the average computer software. Why do we insist on writing like that? For example, here is an excerpt of the Terms of Use for the Waze app.* All words in this entire blog entry that are in boldface are... read more

Housework: A Freelancer Speaks

Over the past day or two, there has been a discussion on an editors’ forum about balancing work, life, and housework. Most of the editors participating in the conversation are freelancers. It’s fair to say that this issue plagues everyone, but I think it... read more


Hi, everyone. It’s November! And I’m participating in NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month. Every November, people strive to write a novel of at least 50,000 words. The object of the game is to just write. I know several other people who are... read more

Literally Figurative

A common task for editors is to make sure that the manuscript in front of them conforms to the rules of English spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation. For instance, when I encounter the confusion of you and I and you and me, I fix it. (You and I are going to the... read more

In Defense of Copyrights

Recently, a colleague of mine stumbled upon a Facebook page on which the owners had uploaded an entire book. The whole thing. The book was a parody of another book, which mattered to the owners of the Facebook page, but is irrelevant for purposes of uploading an... read more
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