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Welcome! If you’re here, you’re looking for a copyeditor, fact-checker, researcher, or a copywriter. You’ve come to the right place.

In 2013, I left the legal profession, where I was a trial lawyer, to become an editor. I have a special needs child, and working at home made the most sense. I’m still licensed to practice law in Virginia and in Arizona.

I am a polymath, knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. I have published my own articles in legal textbooks and law, social sciences in medicine, psychoanalytic anthropology, and literature journals, even though my bachelor’s degree is in comparative literature.

As an editor and copywriter, I use the same skills I used as a lawyer. I help fiction writers tell their stories and I help scholars and other professionals present their evidence. Of course I can help with grammar, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation, but I also can help with things like fact-checking, research, ghostwriting, and flagging plot holes.

I work with both fiction and nonfiction. As a former prosecutor who has extensive martial arts training–including with firearms–I’m uniquely qualified to edit your police procedurals. I also edit autobiography and memoirs, YA, thrillers, science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy. The subject matter experience I gained in criminal law and child welfare law makes me just the editor for your behavioral health, medical, and forensics work.

I know how important it is for your editor to strengthen your voice and to respect your material. It is not easy to hand over something you’ve worked so hard to create to a relative stranger. I work with professionalism and tact. Integrity is at the core of all I do. I look forward to working with you.


  • Margulis, Dick, and Karin Cather. “The Paper It’s Written On; Negotiating and Drafting Service Agreements for Editing Clients.” Paper presented at the 12th Annual Communication Central Be a Better Freelancer Conference, Rochester, NY, September 2017.
  • Volunteer of the Month, Editors Canada, May 2017
  • Chair of the Publications Committee of Editors Association of Canada, June 2016–current.
  • Editing certificate from the University of California Berkeley Extension.
  • J.D. degree from William and Mary Law School.
  • B.A. in comparative literature from the University of Virginia.
  • First academic publication in 1988 (the first of twelve such publications).
  • Almost twenty years of complex legal writing for courts, involving thorough research and accurate writing about medical, scientific, or behavioral health evidence.
  • Past subjects I have edited: fiction, nanotechnology, epidemiology, social sciences, bioengineering, self-help, memoirs, and international law.

    • Communication Central Conference in Fall 2017 in Rochester, New York.
    • Summer 2016, University of California San Diego Extension, Practical Clinical Statistics for the Non-Statistician.
    • Spring 2016, University of California San Diego Extension, Medical Terminology.
    • Editing Goes Global Conference in June 2015 in Toronto; the conference was sponsored by the Editors’ Association of Canada and was attended by over 500 editors from over twelve countries.
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